Thursday, 27 February 2020

Learning about Respect

On the back wall of our classroom we have a space for our inquiry to grow. We started this inquiry because we wanted to learn more about respect and how we can show it to others.

We brainstormed ideas about what respect looks like and then thought about what respect might sound like. These are all examples of things we might hear around our class or in the playground.

Our next step was to create a super hero avatar, whose super power was the way the show respect. Everyone in our space has their own super hero that when they use some of these ideas they can move their avatar to that statement.
Here are some examples:

Research tells us that words help to create worlds. By making deliberate choices about the way we talk about respect we are hoping to make respectful language part of our everyday classroom environment. We are trying to notice each other when we use these statements and hopefully you will notice us using them as well.

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