Friday, 24 July 2020

Putting the sizzle back in science

My favourite memories of science growing up were always the big flashy experiments. Igniting a balloon filled with hydrogen or burning magnesium strips. Exploring chemical reactions by making hokey pokey or growing crystals were always my favourites.

So in exploring how water changes state we knew that we needed to really show what happens when water meets heat to show the process of heat turning a liquid into a gas.

What better way than using the equipment right outside our classroom door. The barbecue is usually reserved for grilling up sausages on a Tuesday but on this lovely Thursday afternoon it would become a scientific apparatus.

When boiling a jug we observed steam coming out but couldn't see what was happening to the water.
Our purpose was to watch the water change from a liquid in the jug to a gas when it hit the hot barbecue. See what happens next...

After observing the change we raced back inside to record the beautiful descriptive vocab that Autahi were using to describe what they had seen. This will be used to help guide us as we prepare for the Arts Celebration later in the term.

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