Thursday, 13 August 2020

Exploring our local environment

 Last week we dialled up our optimism that it wouldn't rain so that we could get out into our local bush for a unique experience in our environment. Centennial Reserve is a special place in Mirimar that showcases lots of what makes New Zealand such an incredible place to live. From the trees and native birds zooming around or enjoying  the walking paths and bike tracks it has a lot to offer our community. 

As part of our schools sustainability plan it is important for our learners to connect with our green spaces in the community and how we care for them. This links closely to the learning we are doing within the school around our own gardens and environment. 

We were lucky to be joined on this trip by Joakim and Arihia, two of our local community leaders who work with our school around the sustainability of our local environment. We did many activities with them alongside our Junior school teachers from Autahi and Tautoru. 

Here is a glimpse into some of the things we got up to. I truly encourage all of you to go out and explore these green spaces and talk to your child about what makes them so special and how we might look after them.

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