Thursday, 17 September 2020

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Kia kaha Te Reo Māori!

Te Reo Māori is a Taonga (treasure). We often talk in class about how special it is to speak this unique language, and how we can play our part in caring for it by learning, speaking and sharing Te Reo.

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori is a time for celebrating the Māori language. It is also a time for reaffirming our commitment to making Te Reo strong and healthy. 

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Here's a flavour of how we have been celebrating Te Reo in Autahi this week.

We have been practising greeting each other in Te Reo, and introducing ourselves and saying how we are feeling today. Ask your child if they can remember how to tell somebody their name in Te Reo Māori. We are also working on counting and doing our daily calendar in Te Reo. 

We have shared Māori stories, such as 'How Maui Tamed The Sun' and enjoyed working on our Tamanui Te Rā artworks. These will be on display in Autahi next week, if you'd like to pop in for a closer look.

At twelve o'clock on Monday, we joined the whole school - and around one million other people - in Te Wā Tuku Reo Māori, speaking or singing in Te Reo Māori all at the same time.

We are fortune to have an awesome Kapa Haka teacher, Matua Henare, who joins us every Thursday to teach waiata and haka. This week, the whole school met on bottom court to celebrate and sing together. 

This has been a special week. But, of course, Te Reo is for every day, and we will continue to build our knowledge and share our learning with each other.

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