Friday, 26 February 2021

Catching the writing bug

In Autahi we have launched into learning skills that help us to write. Above you can see someone learning hold a pencil using a pencil grip. There are lots of ways to refine a pencil grip and some you can do at home. Tongs are a great way to build up writing muscles. Using them to pick up pieces of lego or small objects can be fun and help grow writing muscles.

Our Autahi writers know that they have lots to say and are learning the skills to record their stories.

First they think of an idea.

Then they have a go at recording sounds and practise forming the letters to tell their stories.

So many of our young authors have been asking every day "when is it writing time?"

There are lots of ways to keep writing alive. Sometimes you may write a story or an invitation or even a letter to their favourite teachers. We celebrate all attempts at writing and building our writing muscles.

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