Thursday, 1 September 2016

Independent Writing

We have some time each day to write on our own. This is a time for us to try out things we have been learning and explore our writing ideas. Some of us have been coming up with some fantastic ideas.

It is hot at the seaside 
The umbrellas are up 
The flag goes up 
The hills are windy. by Leo
This is my brother. He is taller than me. He is stuck in the playroom.  By Sierra
I can do tricks with my scooter because it is so cool. By Konrad
Here is my cat. His name is Purry. He purrs.By Anneke 
The duck who is all covered in muck mucky muck muck.By Cleo
Look at the butterfly By Tigerlily
The hills are still the sun is shining. By Evie
Look at my flower. By Lucy

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