Thursday, 1 September 2016


It has been great to get back into routines. today we worked in our maths groups on different things.

Friends of Ten 

We are practising our friends of ten in lots of different ways:

We had to write the ways that we can make them: like 6 + 4.

We had to find our friend to make a ten:

Then we wrote them on the blackboard (and also our Facts to Five facts too)

Teen Numbers 

We are learning the difference between teen and ty numbers.
A teen number is a number between 10 and 20. All teen numbers start with a one and they have one bundle of 10 and some ones.
A ty number has a zero on the end. It is a bundle of ten. We have been learning to count in tens.

We are learning all about teen numbers. The arrow cards help us to see a the ten and the one that we are putting on top of it. We are also practising holding the biggest number in our heads and counting on from it.

I made  the number 14:

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