Sunday, 13 November 2016

Pixelhouse Reader Week 6: Weather

 The story I am reading this week is called: Weather
Here are some suggested activities you can do with me at home. There is no specific order.  Pick and choose and remember to keep it fun!
This story is all about what you can hear. Talk about what you can hear in different types of weather. What is you favourite sound?
Follow the link to the book and create your own log in. Then you can read the stories each week at home with us. Here is the link:
Make a rainmaker. Follow the picture prompts online to make your own musical instrument at home. You could paint it and test putting different things inside to see if it makes different sounds.  
Word Practise
Make up my own story
Here are the words in my book this week. Let’s practise making them in different ways. We could draw them, read them, colour them, make them with playdough, magnet letters or any other creative way you can think of!
This is the cover of the story I am reading this week.  Let’s make up our own story to go along with it and we can tell it to each other.  You can help me write it if I want it written down. You can also use the write section online if you like.
Rocket Words
   Let’s practise my rocket words and alphabet in my rocket.  We can find them in stories, write them with chalk, draw them with our fingers in flour, build them with Lego.  Let’s make it fun!

This is the ABC song we sing at school.  We are learning the names of the letters, the capitals and lower cases, the sounds they make and a word that starts with that letter. Search “A is for Apple” on youtube or click on the link
Let’s practise by singing, finding letters, writing and decorating them, finding pictures of things that start with those letters or any other fun way you can think of!

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