Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Playing with Fabric

Image result for play quotes peter grayDuring Discovery Time this afternoon we put out some fabric. We have noticed quite a few children with a fascination for cutting material (notably their own clothing!) To help them explore this urge in a healthy way we pulled out the bits of fabric from the cupboard and a fabulous afternoon of cutting and creating developed.

There were enormous amounts of problem-solving and experimenting happening, not to mention the development and practice of the fine motor skills of cutting, folding and gluing. Most of us worked on our own creations but some of us also developed some fantastic cooperative skills working as a team. 

How will I make my dress stay on my body? Can I make these pieces stick together?

Some of you wanted to make clothes or beds for your toys at home. And some of you were making yourselves costumes or clothes. We wonder if all of our clothes will stay together? Will the glue and cellotape be enough to hold them together? What else could we use?


 Some of you wanted to be superheros, with masks. Who is that behind the mask? 


Some of us also wanted to make masks, after reading a story about them this morning, so we also had a fabulous mask table on the go.

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