Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Our Body is a Powerful Machine!

We have begun our inquiry into the body.  Our body is a powerful machine and like a machine it has lots of parts and pieces that work together to make us go! 
We started our inquiry by getting into small groups and outlining one person's body on big brown paper, then we had lots of organs and had to work together to try to figure out what each part was and where we thought it went in the body.  We had lots of ideas and there was lots of good talking.  We also had to come to a consensus about where we were going to put the body parts.  There were some interesting ideas about what was what!  

We have been exploring the body in other ways too:
  • Finding QR codes around the room that take us to different videos and songs about the body!

  • Working at the Doctor's Office to examine x-rays and trying to identify the parts of the body as well as trying to carefully operate on the patient! Trying to operate takes a lot of fine motor skill and we have to be very careful.

Stay tuned as our inquiry unfolds!

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