Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Walking Round the School Scavenger Hunt

This week we have had a revisit of our walking around the school scavenger hunt.  We spent part of the morning trying to find all the different places in school.  We talked about what we do there, where they are, what they're called and why we might go there.  We also had a big talk about our boundaries--where we go and where we don't.  
Have a look at the scavenger hunt and see all the places we visited. We talked about things we can do at each place.  We've really got lots of places in the school to explore and have fun in! Can you help me think of fun things I can do in the outside places? Let's talk about it at home!

We travelled around like a big train having a good look at and talk about each space in the school!

We explored Tautoru

We explored the bottom court and talked about different things we can do there.  We can play ball games, races, or climb on the climbing wall.

We had a really good look at our boundaries.  We don't go past this kite shape unless we are with an adult.  Ask your child/ren about it next time you walk past it.

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