Tuesday, 5 September 2017


We have been learning all about our brains! Did you know that you can work and grow your brain?  Doing new things and challenging things helps your brain to grow and helps you to learn!

 We have been watching these videos and learning about how we can change our brains and how none of our abilities are fixed.  We can get better and better at anything we try, if we put in the time, hard work and really believe we can do it.

We have been looking out for people growing their brains at discovery time.  This is when we notice people trying something NEW or working on something they find a bit hard or know they need practise with.
Here are some people keen to grow their brains!

Trying some puzzles and working together.                  Playing a shopping game that involves using                                                                                            our memory and taking turns.

Creating Brain head-bands--thinking about our brain but also practising fine motor skills like cutting out!

Practising sorting Ch and Sh pictures so that when we see the letters together in our reading we remember the sounds they make.

Using magnets to sort by colour and by number.

This stack of lilly pads is 11 lilly pads tall and it is almost as tall as me! We have 1 more lilly pad to put on and it will be 11 + 1 =12!

Making shape cakes.  We are noticing squares, triangles, circles and diamonds! 

We are stretching and growing our brains in so many ways! Stay tuned for lots more around how we are growing our brains!

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