Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our Inquiry into the powers of nature

We started a new inquiry a few weeks ago thinking about the powers of Nature. 
Our hook was that the power had gone off and the key to turning it back on was frozen in the middle of an ice block.  We got the kids thinking .... what could we do?

It was a sunny day and we thought that our best option was to use the power of the sun to melt the ice so we could get the key out and "turn the power back on."
The class was engaged and hooked and we went outside with our block of ice.  In no time, the ice had melted and we had the key.  Then we started thinking about power.

We had some ideas and some questions.  So we started reading some books and exploring the powers of the Sun, the Wind and the water.

We did some writing about what we knew and questions we had.

We read the story of Maui and the Sun

 Then we started creating our own versions of Te Ra.  We looked at different images and talked about Maori koru patterns. 

 We used oil pastel and dye and talked about colours of the sun.  We used reds, oranges, yellows and golds.

We then got into the wind and started exploring things that can be powered by the wind.  Many people came up with boats, parachutes, windmills and more.  So naturally, we started being architects and scientists.  We made boats and tested them in our water! We made parachutes and tested them out to see if they caught the wind.
We did some writing about our creations as well.

Here we are testing our creations and seeing if we need to make any changes! 

We are still exploring the elements!

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