Tuesday, 24 July 2018

ABC groups

ABC groups
In the mornings we split up into ABC groups.  Some of us are working on our initial letter sounds and our letter formation using the story Casey the Caterpillar to help us learn the shapes of the letters.

This week we have been exploring letters that start with an open mouth.  We have looked at c, a, and o.  C is an open mouth, a is an open mouth, close it up, short stick and o is an open mouth and close it up.  We have also been learning the word can in our reading so we have been practising it in our writing as well. 

Here are some excerpts from Casey the Caterpillar and here is the cheat sheet of the way we describe the letter shapes in class.  You can use this at home too!

Others of us have been learning our digraphs.  This week we have been exploring Th and Wh. We use these songs to help us! We have been practising the formation of these digraphs as well as the sounds.  Th is tall stick, twig and tall stick tunnel.  Wh is four sloping sticks or cup, cup and tall stick tunnel. 

Stay tuned for some of our work around these digraphs and for now help me notice them in my reading!

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