Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mindful activities

Mindfulness activities

For the last few weeks we have been exploring different activities to practise mindfulness. We have been spending some time on Tuesday mornings with our buddies in Tautoru to have a go at finger knitting, beading, yoga and colouring. 
Check us out trying some of the activities...

Here we are working together with a buddy to add beads to a piece of string. We practised our fine motor skills as well as learning how to work together.

Colouring can be a great way to relax. The colouring craze of the last few years came about as people became more aware of the benefits to our psychological health. A great stress reliever as well as lots of fun.
Count us in!

We also explored finger knitting. I find this to be a great way 
to relax and it only took me 3 weeks to learn (the kids got it in about 3 minutes)

Everyone has their own way to practise mindfulness. Whether it be taking a quiet walk or reading a book, it is all good for us. Have a talk at home about what you find relaxing and share your ideas. 

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