Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Four part drawing

Last week we explored four part drawing as a way of seeing that sometimes we need more than one try before we create a masterpiece.

Often people tell me that they are not arty. Or that the can't draw. I used to think that I was not an artist. But something changed in my thinking. I learned that art is all about perspective and that we all have a unique style. So I challenged myself to find a way to practise my art until I could create something that filled me with pride.

Four part drawing is something I use to help create and refine my work. In this example we drew 4 pictures of a Tui but each time we drew we did something different.

The first picture was of a Tui with no visual prompts. The instruction was simply to draw what you think a Tui looks like. Here we can tap into our creativity and draw from our imagination. These are some examples.

Next we looked at an image of a Tui. We noticed the different shapes like the circles of the eyes and the triangular shape of the beak. Next we saw the direction the feathers flowed in and the way it looked like lines running down its back.

For the third picture we placed all our images on the ground and walked around to look at the way each person had chosen to draw their Tui. Often we can seek inspiration from the work of others and our challenge was to find something that we liked about another persons art that we could use to help us in our next image.

For our final picture we partnered up with a buddy and gave feedback about what we thought they were doing well and what we thought they could work on next time. This process of giving and receiving feedback is something that we practise as it can help us to grow the way we think about our own work and the work of others. Here are some of our final images.

So next time you think that you are not an artist try giving four part drawing a go and see if you can find your own inner arist.

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