Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Learning scavenger hunt

Last week we celebrated our learning and had an opportunity to share our classroom with all of you. The learning scavenger hunt is important to us as it allows us to give you a glimpse of all the things going on in our classroom.

From stretching our bodies through yoga to stretching our minds with maths challenges, we are always busy growing and developing ourselves.

Building the relationship with our whanau is a big part of the learning journey. Being able to share our learning and the way we learn helps you gain a better understanding of the things we are doing and ways that you can help at home. Building positive relationships is a part of our positive education focus and sharing learning together is a great way to help us grow closer.

We shared some goals and celebrated lots of the achievements from previous goals. It was great to look back at the things we couldn't do at the start of the year and that lots of them are things we can do now. It shows that we are developing our growth mindsets and seeking out challenges to work out our minds.

The learning journey never stops in Autahi and we look forward to spending more time with you all, sharing learning and growing our brains.

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