Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Athletics Day

Last week we had our annual Athletics Day down at the beach. We had been doing lots of practise of all the different events over the last few weeks and our bodies were ready for action.

After a nice walk down to the beach we went to our first events: Vortex and Quiots. Both of these were throwing events and we had lots of fun.
See if you can spot us pointing to where we want to throw?

Next up was long jump. If someone had told you that children in Autahi had developed the power of flight you might not have believed them. But these photos prove that there are some hidden superpowers in our class.

Finally we made our way to the sprints. We ran forwards and we ran backwards. Everyone had a go and showed a great growth mindset and can-do attitude.

We worked really hard but most importantly we had lots of fun. Fun is the most important thing when getting some exercise and helps us keep a positive attitude.

When we returned to school we were so excited by all the fun we had and really proud of our achievements. We turned our experiences into some amazing stories. Rich experiences like this lend themselves to writing and inspire us to create interesting stories for our readers. We also created some art of ourselves competing in our favourite events.
Check out some of our pieces we have finished so far.

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