Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Choose your challenge

We all want to reach the top of the maunga and in Autahi we have a special mountain we are working our way up. As you can see at the top of this mountain it says that 'I can choose to do things that are challenging for me'. Everyone in the class has a little avatar that represents them on their own journey up the mountain of challenge. As we choose to do things that are challenging and helpful towards reaching our goals we start to move up the mountain.

This journey will look different for each learner and not all challenge is the same. Learners in Autahi are encouraged to look for things that will challenge them and help them grow their brains.

Here are some examples of learners choosing different brain challenges:

Building rocket words with play dough
Creating and matching words
Feeling the letters and guessing what they are
Writing a creative story using my letter and sound knowledge
Using all my writing skills to create an amazing story about dragons
Adding beads to a pipe cleaner and writing down how many I have put on
Stretching out sounds and stamping what I can hear
Practising my rocket words with play dough

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