Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Teddy Bear Picnic Continued

Teddy Bear Picnic Continued

There was way too much fantastic learning happening throughout the week not to have a follow up post to share what we've been up to in more depth!

In the context of the Teddy Bear's picnic we looked at fractions and division.  We designed picnic rugs that were half one colour and half another.  We looked at sharing the food for the picnic in half and discussed the idea of fair shares.  
We sorted the teddies by colour and counted to see how many there were of each. 

We made numbers on our Teddy Bear Bus Tens frames.

Image result for best loved bear
We read the story, The Best-Loved Bear and wrote descriptions of our own bears. 


Image result for brown bear brown bear
We also read the story Brown Bear Brown Bear and we wrote our own versions!

It was such a fun week and each day the children came in excited to see what new things we'd be doing with our teddies.  Engagement was high and excitement was contagious! Thanks for an awesome week everyone! We will have to leave our teddies at home to rest after all that play and work they've done! 

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