Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Time with our Big Buddies

Last week was pretty exciting as we got to spend more time with our big buddies.  Some of us spent time with them in Autahi at Rising 5s and others went to the seniors where our buddies had planned workshops for us to join in on.  We had such a good time celebrating another term of mentorship from our buddies.  Having our buddies is really cool because it means that not only do we get some time to spend with them each week, but also we have more people we know around the playground.   
We painted

We played games outside
We drew

We got to do cool workshops like Matariki Star Making
We did weaving together
We used teamwork and built this huge building together

We made bead strings together
We made dessert for our Teddy Bear Picnic
We are grateful for our big buddies and are looking forward to getting to spend our Matariki celebration day with them!


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