Thursday, 26 September 2019

Porridge and Problems

Porridge and Problems

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? But did you realise that it's full of problems? 

Goldilocks skips off into the forest without telling her Mum where she's going. Imagine how worried her Mum was! Then, she barges into the Three Bears' house without asking. She helps herself to their porridge and breaks Baby Bear's chair. No wonder the Bears are upset when they get home and discover her sleeping in Baby Bear's bed!

Thinking and talking about the story, it was clear to us that Goldilocks needed to use her Bravery and say sorry to the Three Bears. Maybe Goldilocks should fix up Baby Bear's chair or make extra porridge for the Bear Family?

We acted out what Goldilocks could do and say, and how the Bears could show Forgiveness (that can be hard too, especially when somebody has gobbled up your breakfast). We had an awesome time taking turns to share our plays. 

We have also been writing letters from Goldilocks to the Three Bears, saying sorry for the mayhem she caused in their home. 

It's great to know that, when things have gone wrong, we can dial up our Social Intelligence and Judgement and find ways to put it right.

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