Wednesday, 4 September 2019

What do plants need to grow?

What do plants need to grow?

The latest news from our inquiry.

In Autahi, we have continuing to explore our inquiry question: what do plants need to grow?

We have created mind maps to show how seeds grow into plants.

On Tuesday, we each planted some cress seeds.

We sprinkled the tiny seeds on damp paper towel. We wonder how well they will grow without any soil.

A few pinches of seeds should give us lots of lovely cress.

We made sure to add just a splash of water.

We really hope our seeds germinate!

On Wednesday, we were all anxious to check on the progress of our seeds.

We added an extra splash of water to keep them moist.

Some of us thought we could see our seeds swelling up.

Hopefully, we will have more cress news to report very soon - watch this space!

Meanwhile, we have also been growing our brains, with help from our Big Buddies from Tautoru.

They've been coming into class to help us practice our reading and our Rocket Words.

Learning our Rocket Words helps us to read confidently and fluently - so we're very grateful to our friends in Tautoru spending time practising them with us.

It's always fun hanging out together. Thank you Big Buddies!

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