Monday, 16 March 2020

More about our radish and spinach seeds

We are hoping that the weather will stay warm and are keeping a close eye on our little seeds. 

Meet Team Radish! We planted 'Easter Egg Mix' radish seeds in the pink planter. These should produce some pretty, multi-coloured radishes, hopefully in time for Easter. Before we planted the seeds, we took a look at them under a magnifying glass. We thought they looked like little pebbles.

Introducing Team Spinach! Our seeds were very craggy and bumpy. We decided they looked like bread crumbs or asteroids. We predicted that our seeds would germinate in two hours. We are still waiting, but hope to have some nice green spinach to nibble on very soon.

We are following our watering rota to make sure that everyone gets to give our seeds some love (and water) over the next few weeks. Let us know if you spot any green shoot pushing through the soil. It could be any day now!


The radishes have begun sprouting!!!!

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