Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Veggies on tour!

Our little radish and spinach seedlings have come to live at Beth's house for a bit.

I have put them on my front deck and will take care to water them each day. Some people say that plants like to listen to music so I have been playing my radio to them. RNZ Concert seems to go down well.

I have also been reading them inspiring stories.

Yesterday, I took a close look at the seedlings to see how they are growing.

Here is Team Spinach.

The biggest spinach seedlings are now about two centimetres tall, which is probably about the same size as your pinky finger. If you have a ruler at home, take a look and see how big that is. Our spinach  plants have quite long, narrow leaves and pink stalks. I wonder if they will keep their pink stalks as they grow bigger.

Here is Team Radish.

Our radish seedlings are nearly three centimetres tall. This is probably the size of your index (Magic Pointing) finger. Check with a ruler, if you have one to hand. The radish leaves are very interesting. The first leaves that sprouted are very smooth with a gently wiggly shape. But now, a new kind of leaf is growing from the middle of the plant. It is rough and hairy and has a zigzag edge. I wonder whether the radish plants will carry on having two kinds of leaves as they get bigger.

Check the blog for more veggie news - and let me know if you have any wonderings about our little plants, or any advice about how I can take good care of them.

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