Sunday, 19 April 2020

Home Haircuts

Here's a home haircut to sharpen up your scissor skills.

Has someone in your family given you a haircut recently? Have you ever cut someone's hair?

Here's a chance to create a silly haircut and also practise cutting with scissors.

You will need:
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some pens
  • The cardboard tube from inside kitchen roll or wrapping paper OR a paper bag
⚠ And remember to be safe:

  • Cut with your scissors pointing away from your body.
  • Hold things that you are cutting with 'thumbs up' to keep your thumbs safe.
  • Carry scissors with the blades closed and pointing down to the ground (and always walk).

Tube Haircuts

Start by making lots of long, straight cuts along the length of your tube, stopping about 20 cm. before the end. You might want to ask for some help with this bit.

Next, turn your tube around so that the cut strips are at the top and the uncut part is at the bottom. Don't forget to draw a silly face on your tube.

Now your customer is ready for their haircut!

Use your scissors to trim your customer's 'hair' into a style that you like. Take your time over this. You can also blend and curl the cardboard to add extra shape. You are the stylist: have fun with it!

These guys ended up with quite short hair and they look pretty sharp with their new dos!

Paper Bag Haircuts

You can also give a paper bag a haircut.

Start with the open part of the bag at the top. If your bag has handles, cut them off.

Draw a funny face towards the bottom of the bag. Take care to leave a wide gap at the top.

Now, turn the bag around so that the open part is facing towards you. Chop lots of thin strips into the top of the bag. This is your customer's hair.

Time to open your salon and style some hair. Trip the paper strips and don't forget to fold and curl them to add some extra style. 

Now the make-over is finished. They look pretty pleased with their new haircuts!

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