Sunday, 26 April 2020

Make a quacky duck.

Try this craft and make a quacky duck card.

You will need a sheet of paper or thin card, pens and scissors.

First, fold the paper in half and in half again.

Now, open the paper out so that it is folded lengthways only with a fold in the middle. With your scissors, make a small cut around halfway between one edge and the middle fold.

Push the two sides of the cut back to make two little folds. This is your duck beak.

Next, open the paper out and refold it like a greetings card so that the duck beak is in the middle.

Gently push and pull the duck beak so that it folds out from the flat card. Now, when you open and close your card, the beak will move up and down.

Finally, it's time to decorate your card. Draw your duck's face and body around the beak. Add eyes and feathers. Now your duck is ready to get quacking!

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