Thursday, 21 May 2020

Diving back into inquiry

At Worser Bay we follow an inquiry model which helps guide our learning. The purpose of inquiry learning is to empower our learners to ask questions, acquire skills for finding the answers, experimenting with different ideas and finally expressing their learning in their own way.
This allows our learners to follow their passions and wonderings down a logical path to find out about the world around them.

We were a little worried that we had just started breaking the surface of our inquiry into water.  But we were blown away by the awesome experiments and learning that has been going on at home. We have displayed some of the things you have been getting up to and delighted in sharing back what we had found out.

We reflected on the things we had started learning about last term and have begun to make connections with some of the things we have found out since then.

Lastly this week we have started to formulate new questions to help drive our inquiry forward this term. Over the next few weeks we will dive a little bit deeper into the different areas of our inquiry model and what it looks like in Autahi at each of the different stages. We are excited to start finding out why the pictures we paint outside with water disappear or how water gets on the windows sometimes.

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