Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Kindness Cards

It is very strange at the moment being away from all of our friends at school. 
I really miss seeing all your friendly faces and hearing your funny stories.

So this is a good time to think about someone who you could give a kindness card or drawing to. 
It might be someone in your bubble, or you could go for a walk and put it in the letterbox of a friend...? 

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Draw a picture, write a letter, include some jokes, anything you like!
Then roll it up and tie it with a ribbon and place somewhere for them to find.

 Make an envelope, decorate it and put your letter inside. 
Put it in a friends letter box or somewhere for your family to find (like under a pillow!).
Don't forget to put their name on it!

Make some little cards with notes attached to a string and hang it somewhere for them to discover...

Or try making them a Warm Fuzzy Friend like this...it can have all of the things you like and miss about them written either on the front or back of it. 
Such a nice thing to receive.

Have a go at one of these...or try your own idea.

(Don't forget to put a photo of it on Seesaw so I can see what you create!)
Hayley xxx

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