Thursday, 11 June 2020

We are writers!

We have been writing up a storm in Autahi this term. There are a few skills we have been focussing on some key skills that are helping us with our writing. Today I'll share a few with you and some examples of how they help us with our writing.

Our first strategy is planning for our writing. Often this includes talking and sharing stories about our experiences and supporting this with a picture to help us keep our ideas in our heads.

These next example show that we are using sounding out strategies to help us listen for sounds, find the letters and then write what we can hear. In these examples you can see where we have ticked above the dominant sounds that the writers have recorded. We do this together with our writers so that they can see where they have been using this strategy.

Lastly is a quick example of some of the feedback we are using to help our writers. All the feedback is given verbally through a conversation with the writer as well as recorded in their books. Sometimes a little picture helps to keep that goal fresh for them. I have been experimenting with different visual reminders. Can you spot my illustrations and what it is referencing?

These are just some examples of what we are doing in writing. We have a webinar coming up on the 25th of June that will dive a little deeper into writing as a journey across the school. If you would like to know more then please join us or come and have a chat with Beth and I.

Join Carl, Ximena and John for a webinar on how writing develops at school via Zoom, on Thursday 25th of June from 6:30-7:15 pm. The Zoom meeting details will be sent via our school email on Wednesday 24th of June.

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