Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Building and Constructing

We've been using lots of mathematical thinking and spatial reasoning as we work to build different houses, forts, garages and more.  We have been working together, taking, turns, making changes, negotiating and discussing. 

 With the marble run there was lots of experimenting and changing going on.  She was working to try to get the marbles to stay in the first part and land in the bowl.  She had to factor in the speed the marbles traveled down the chute and move the bowl to make sure they landed and stayed in.

With the lego we were creating barns, houses and garages.  Again there was negotiating, trialling and changing happening.


These boys used the bamboo to create a city.  The bamboo sticks were the buildings and they worked together designing and creating.  It was really tricky because the bamboo kept falling down, so they had to have patience, work carefully and be gentle.  They persevered and kept on going even when they were frustrated and they worked together really well everyone doing different jobs.  It was great to see the team work and communicating that was going on.

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