Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Learning Through Play

Everything is fun when you're playing! Learning is fun when you're playing!
As we have been exploring the past in our inquiry we thought we better make some binoculars so we could be true explorers! So we all worked to figure out how to put them together.  It was hard to get the tape to stick, but we worked together and each created our own set of binoculars.  When we put them on, they help us focus on what we are learning about and see the past more clearly! They also help us to see things far away!

The learning links: 
  • Social Science: there is a past--things change over time.
  • Technology: we can use a design process when creating things, using a plan and making changes as we go.
  • Key Competencies: relating to others, taking turns and helping each other.

Building and creating
We use the wooden marble run, plastic marble run, mega blocks and lego to build a range of things.  Often we like to build very tall towers or long tracks.  We often build houses, pens, cars and farms for our animals and toys.  

The Learning Links:
  • Measurement--comparing how long and tall items are.
  • Science--physics. Changing marble runs, playing with height of parts of it to make the marbles move through.
  • Science--the living world.  Recognising that living things have basic requirements to survive, like shelter.
  • Key Competencies--thinking.  Problem solving and thinking about where things fit and what we need to change.

Buckets and Tubes! 

We have been using these buckets and tubes for lots of different games.  Some of us created a robot game.  The buckets were our heads and the tubes our arms! Others have been using the tubes to experiment with sound and how it travels.

The Learning Links:
  • Key competencies: We had to do lots of sharing and working together, listening and taking turns.
  • Maths: capacity--can we fit into these different items?
  • Science: developing scientific skills by conducting experiments.

We are learning so much through playing and experimenting!

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