Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Maths Exploration!

We have been exploring maths through a variety of ways!

We are using the play-dough to create different numbers on the tens frames. We figure out what number it says on our matt, roll out that many little balls and count as we go! 

We are playing a dice game where you roll the dice and then have to find the different ways that number looks.  We are looking at numerals, tally marks, dice patterns and tens frames!

We are working out our facts to 10 by looking at our tens frames! We asked each other when we got stuck and were such good buddy helpers!

We are working on numbers 6 -10 on the tens frames, domino patterns and numerals! We had to do lots of matching and counting, but we are working on trying to instantly recognise these numbers!

We decided that at play time we wanted to play maths lesson! So we got out maths materials out on our own and made a circle.  We took turns being the teacher and we got practising.  We counted on the abacus and we counted all the way to 100 and back.  Gillian even joined in the lesson, but as a kid, not as the teacher! We played a game where we threw the dice and had to guess what number it might be and write it down.  We were having lots of fun and people even asked if we could "play maths" again later! Playing is so much fun and there is so much great learning that goes on!

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