Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Library Day

Fridays are our library day.  When we go to the library we are allowed to take out up to 4 books and we can have them out for up to 2 weeks.  

 We browse books that look interesting to us 
 Then we go sit down with them and have a look. Sometimes we like choosing books we know and have seen before and other times we find new books.  Sometimes there are big buddies with us in the library and they give us suggestions or read stories to us.  

 If we decide we don't want the book, we look at the letter on the label and put the book back in the matching bin.
 If we decide we do want the book, we go see Christine or other senior librarians and they issue the books for us. 
Then we sit down and enjoy our stories! 

When we have had enough of our book we can either put the books back in the blue library book returns box in the class or we can come with Mum or Dad to the library and return the books there! 

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