Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Literacy--our reading and writing connections

This is the story we read last week in class
You can access it online here: Summer

 We read the story all week looking at the repeating words and focusing on "I, like and the."  We also talked about all the amazing things we love to do on a hot summer's day! 
Then we painted pictures of what we love to do on hot summer days.  Some of us liked going to the beach, swimming and eating ice creams!

 We also read this poem all week:
Again we focussed on the repeating words and had many discussions of what we like to do! On Friday we were word detectives and after a week of rereading our poem and reading our story we searched the poem for the words "I, like and the!" 

We also did some writing about what we like to do on hot summer days:

For some of us writing at this time in the year looks mostly like a picture with a few letters, for others its a string of all the letters they can hear and for others its a mix of small high frequency words that they can find in the room and sounds they can hear in other words!

We've also been practising the formation of the letters because sometimes we know what letter we need but we are not sure what it looks like or how to write it.  Every morning we start with our ABC song and we practise writing letters and shapes on our whiteboards.  We know that our brains grow when we keep practising so this is our brain growing time! It's cool because we are learning how some letters start the same way, like l,k,h and b.  They all have a tall stick to start.

 If you haven't seen the Pixelhouse Reader tab at the top of the blog, make sure to check it out here Weekly Story as each week I put up a link to the new story!

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