Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Our Inquiry is all about how we are Kaitiaki (guardians) of our place and what that means for us.  Before delving into the idea of Kaitiaki we started learning about Manaakitanga.  Manaakitanga is the process of showing generosity, care or support for others or enhancing someone else's wellbeing.  In Autahi we began exploring what manaakitanga means and looks like. 

We read some books about kindness, friendship and Empathy.

We talked about the idea of being a bucket filler.  Bucket Filler's try to fill others' invisible buckets (or enhance their wellbeing).  Bucket Fillers embody manaakitanga.
Our poem for the first week was the Bucket FIller's Pledge where we made a promise to try to be bucket fillers every day and we thought of 1 way we could be bucket fillers to others.

I will be a bucket filler by ...

 Last week we made Kindness Coupons for our friends in class and our family.  We came up with ideas of kind things we could do for others and made them vouchers.

We've found that doing kind things for others makes them feel good and makes us feel really good too!
Look out for us showing Manaakitanga at home! Tell us when we are filling your bucket!

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