Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Literacy and Play

For the last few weeks we have been reading stories using direction words like up, down, out, and around.  Last week we read the story "Going Out," about two little mice who sneak out of their hole and make their way through the house to find some food.  

After reading the story we all made our own little mice and then started creating obstacle courses for our mice, using boxes and card, describing how the mice moved through them.

We made our mice out of pipe cleaners, googlie eyes and pom poms.

All week you could hear the kids buzzing talking about look at my mouse, it's going under the bridge and over the ramp and then through the tunnel.  
We wrote about it practising using our direction words and we put the words from the story back in order in our books.  

There was so much learning going on and lots of excitement around our creations!

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