Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Observational Insect Drawings

Thinking about our inquiry of being forest protectors we have been discussing different insects that we know and have been practising our observational skills by looking closely at their shapes and drawing what we can see.  Scientists have to look closely and really notice things.  

 We chose insects and drew them looking at the different shapes.  Then we used small detail paint brushes and we carefully painted in the colours we could see in our insects.  

We concentrated really hard and this small detail work is really good fine motor control practise as well.

 After we had drawn our insects and painted them we had to use black sharpie to go back over the outline and add in any details that had gotten lost.  This also took lots of concentration and really made our pictures stand out.

Finally we cut out the insects and put them on black card.  They look so beautiful and you can see lots of the shapes and colours that people were noticing in their insects.

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