Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Maths and some of the ways we've been exploring Maths

We have been working on developing our number sense.  This is our understanding of numbers, how they're made up, and how they're represented.

One of the ways we've been doing that is searching the room.  We search the room for cards that have numbers written in different ways: finger patterns, tens frames, dice patterns, etc. Once we find them we mark them on our sheet and take note of what number that card shows. 

Another way we have been working on our number sense is by playing matching games where we work on matching numerals, tens frames and finger patterns.

We've been working with partners building with counting cubes and figuring out different partners to 10.

We've been doing Number Talks where we talk about all the different ways we can see a number. This allows us to articulate how we see and know what we do and to see that there are many different ways to see something and therefor many different answers.  This moves the focus away from getting the right answer to being able to articulate your thinking. Here is an example of a number talk using dots.

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  1. Thats great - I love the number dots and would like to hear more about how you set this up with the children