Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Discovery and working together

Discovery and working together

In the New Zealand curriculum there are key competencies that all learners are working on throughout their time at school. Discovery learning helps us to work on two of those skills at the same time. The first is relating to others which means how we work and communicate with those around us. Discovery is a social time where we work together to build marble runs or run a restaurant with our friends. We need to listen and come up with ideas together to make the most of our time.

Running a restaurant can be tricky if we don't work together.

The second skill is participating and contributing. We encourage each other to have a go at trying new things and we support each other. So whether it's building a marble run the size of a table or squishing play dough into interesting shapes, we all have a go. Discovery is a great time for learning more about ourselves and those around us.

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