Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Positive Emotions

One part of the Positive Education model that we have been focussing on this week is Positive Emotions.  This domain is about experiencing a broad range of positive emotions and developing skills and knowledge to anticipate, initiate, prolong and build positive emotions.  

In order to do this, we first need to be able to identify emotions.  We have been working this week on identifying emotions, looking at how our faces change when we feel certain ways, playing with colours and what emotion each colour evokes and role playing a little bit by stepping into someone else's shoes in different scenarios. 
We read the book In My Heart.  A Book of Feelings By Jo Wilek and we began exploring feelings. 

We explored colour mixing and thought about what feelings the different colours made us think of.  Some of the feelings we came up with were: hopeful, happy, excited, sleepy, angry and peaceful.  

We also looked in the mirror, made faces and drew self portraits. 
Doing this exercise will help us to recognise when others are feeling certain ways.  When we can recognise our emotions we can tend to them better.  When we can look after ourselves we tend to feel better and the better we feel, the better we do.  So our aim is to be able to identify our emotions, recognise that sometimes we have negative emotions and this is normal and try to do things that help us to feel positive emotions.  
These activities filled us with positive emotions!

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