Wednesday, 2 May 2018

SPCA Visit

We are thinking about our Inquiry of Kaitiaki in a few different ways this term.  We are thinking about how as Kaitiaki we are a lot like superheroes and we have begun to explore some of the characteristics and strengths of superheroes.  We have also identified that these heroes or Kaitiaki usually have a cause or a special thing they look out for.  

Last term many of the children in the class really enjoyed our Vet station.  So this term in addition to being part of our Bush Builders program where we will be thinking about how we can take action to be Kaitiaki of our green spaces we have also begun to think about how we can be Kaitiaki of the animals.  We were so fortunate to have Matt from the SPCA come in to talk to us about what animals need, how to keep them safe and how to keep ourselves safe.  We got to meet Gem and Fabio the bunnies and Bella the 8 week old puppy. 

The bunnies were so soft! Gem had floppy ears and Fabio had pointy ears.  Fabio was a little bit more nervous, but Gem was trying to hop out of the basket!

Then Matt taught us:
1) We always ask if we can pat someone's dog
2) If let the dog sniff our hand in a fist first and then we we pat on the chin and chest (chin and chest are best)
3) If a dog comes over to us and we don't like it we cross our arms over our chest and if it jumps we turn our back to it.  We don't scream or run because then the dog thinks we want to play.  We have to make the dog realise we are boring.
4) If we are sitting down and a dog comes over to us that we don't like, we get into a turtle position and cover the back of our necks. 

So we had a practise of all of the things Matt taught us!

We certainly didn't want Bella, Gem and Fabio to leave! 

Next we wrote some amazing stories about it all! Stay tuned to see about those! 
Also stay tuned to hear more about how our inquiry into being Kaitiaki develops!

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