Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Mihi and introducing ourselves

Mihi: A basic introduction

In Autahi this week we are learning to introduce ourselves using a mihi. A mihi is a basic introduction. It tells people where you are from and who you are, linking you to the land (and mountain), river, sea, tribe, sub-tribe, whakapapa (genealogy) and marae (sacred meeting place). Non-Māori might identify places that are significant to them and the country they are from.

We are focussing on who we are, our grandparents and our parents. This week we have been learning to introduce ourselves using the phrase:

Ko _______ taku ingoa
My name is _________

Our aim is to be able to introduce ourselves to others and we hope that it stimulates lots of conversation about our families and where we are from. Check us out as we made a start on our visual mihi's:

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