Tuesday, 12 June 2018

What's happening at Discovery Time?

During Discovery time children are able to choose what they would like to do and learn about.  This ranges from set provocations that we put out to stimulate curiosity or practise basic skills to anything the children come up with that they'd like to pursue.  Here is some of what has been happening in Discovery recently.

Brain challenges: 
We put out some brain challenges of number charts to 10, 20, 50 and 100. Children were encouraged to choose what they felt was their personal challenge.

There was a lot of excitement, engagement and curiosity around this.  

ABC sound practise: We worked with pairs and on our own to practise letters and the corresponding sounds. 

Building: Our building is getting more complicated and intricate and we are working well with others as we test out our models, make changes and compromise.

Collaborative Art projects: These guys were interested in drawing the earth and talking about all the oceans, animals and people on the Earth.

Socio-Dramatic Play: These two were playing a game of school and families. 
 These 3 were operating a cafe.  Some were preparing food, others were working the register and others were customers.  

Providing choice allows for engagement and purpose. When we are involved in something we have hand selected we are generally much more engaged and this leads to more deeper learning.  Aside from the academic skills that are reinforced at Discovery time, we are also allowing children to do what they enjoy, to learn about their passions and to practise pro-social behaviours.  You can see and hear children talking, listening, negotiating and adapting.   

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