Sunday, 4 November 2018

More Maths Fun!

We have been growing our Number Sense by practicing making and breaking apart numbers to get a better idea of those numbers.  This group was working on teen numbers specifically. We sang this song, which we often use as a little warm up.

This got us primed to notice straight away if we had a teen number by seeing if we had a full tens frame or not.
Then we used our Teddy Bears' Picnic context and were given some special dice that either added numbers or took them away.  The kids set out figuring out how many teddies would make it to the picnic.  They had to roll dice that only had tens on them and then the special dice that showed if they were adding or subtracting and how much.
They were set with the task of identifying straight away if the number they had were teens or not and explaining to buddies and the group how they knew.  Finally, at the end they worked to write the number sentence. 
After each team figured out how many of their teddies would make it to the picnic we talked about which bus had the most teddies and how we knew! Then we even extended our thinking to figure out how many teddies made it to the picnic altogether! There was lots of discussion, counting and comparing.  This group also showed their growth and development in their number sense and ease with which they were working with teen numbers! It was all very exciting!

The next exciting Maths Context we explored was problem solving.  The question was figuring out how much bread you would need to feed a family of ducks over 3 days.  Children worked in buddies and used materials to work out the problems.  They weren't shown a specific way to do it, they just set off working it out.  These low floor, high ceiling tasks allow for multiple strategies to be taught at once and a chance to develop critical thinking and problem solving as well as number sense.  With some, this could be used to begin skip counting in 3's, for others counting on from each set, for others the simple act of 1 to 1 counting.  The hands-on nature is engaging and the kids set out to figure it out! 

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