Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Taking action in our Inquiry

Taking action: our inquiry (part two)

As Kaitiaki of school, we have been keeping an eye on the garden, sandpit and drains.

In the garden, we found that the strawberries are growing very well. We are worried that birds might eat them before we have the chance. We plan to take take action by adding some netting to the beds. 

We were also excited to find that we have some stripy Monarch butterfly caterpillars feasting on the swan plants.

Everyone had a good look but, because we are Kaitiaki, we didn't try to pick up the caterpillars: we would be very sad if we squashed one!

It will be fascinating to watch them grow fatter and eventually turn in to chrysalises.

Meanwhile, the Kaitiaki of the drains have been checking for rubbish. We have found a lot of pencils and, on Friday, eleven plastic fish from the sushi boxes. These things are not biodegradable so won't break down if they get into the ocean. 

We have also found lots of figs that are falling out of the fig tree. What can we do with them? We don't like to waste food at Worser Bay School, but these figs aren't ready to eat yet. This is a problem for us to try to solve.

We have also been keeping the sandpit neat and tidy. The Kaitiaki have been finding all the sandpit toys from around school and making sure they are in the right place, ready to play. On Monday, they worked extra hard and used their Perseverance to move all the tyres out of the sandpit.

Ka rawe  mahi, Kaitiaki mā!

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