Friday, 8 November 2019

Why is there a bowl of water with rubbish in it?

As part of our inquiry we have been exploring problems in our local environment. During one of our discussions we identified that the drain on the top grass was often getting rubbish stuck inside. We knew that the drain would eventually lead out to the sea but that was so far away that we couldn't see how it was affecting the water.

So we collected some of the rubbish after lunch on Monday afternoon and placed it in a bowl of fresh water to see what would happen.

The water went murky and yucky. We couldn't drink the water and we know that fish and other creatures wouldn't want to live in it. 

The next step in our inquiry cycle is to take action. Each person in Autahi has decided that they will be the Kaitiaki or guardian of something in our school to make sure that it is looked after for everyone including the birds and insects.

We are excited to go out into our environment and help keep it in a healthy shape, just like those that came before us have looked after so that we could use it today.
Check out some of our writing about some of the actions we are planning on taking.

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