Friday, 8 November 2019

Whanau day Term 4

This week we have had another Whanau day where we celebrated how we can use our strengths in different ways.

Whanau day is an opportunity for children to work in groups from all three areas of the school as well as working with their siblings. We work in different spaces around the school and often with different teachers. It is a great way to explore different parts of the school and make connections with new people.

In Carl and Nik's Whanau group we looked at the strength of Hope and how we might use it to help us when we are feeling nervous or scared about something. We made Hope jars to help remind ourselves of the things we are hopeful for next year and in the future.

These are things that we can keep with us as sometimes it becomes hard to remember. Check out some of our hopes for the future.

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