Thursday, 6 May 2021

Autahi and the Giant Radish

Once upon a time, some children planted some tiny radish seeds ...

And this Thursday, we dedicated a whole day to celebrating our colourful crop of radishes.

First, we looked carefully at the plants and tried to estimate how many radishes we had grown. Our estimate was 32. 

But when we pulled up all the plants and carefully counted them, we found that we had a grand total of 54 radishes!

We arranged them in size order from smallest to biggest. You'll be able to see the monster radish at the end of the row. It came from a seed that had landed in the wrong place so the plant had loads of space all to itself to grow ginormous.

When we measured it with a ruler later on, we found that it was 43 centimetres long.

We used cubes to measure the other radishes. We had to be careful to make a stick of cubes the same size as the radish and then count the cubes.

After all that gardening, counting and measuring, it was time for a snack. During snack time, we read the story of The Enormous Turnip. This got us inspired for our own writing and we decided to tell the story of our own giant radish.

 We wrote the first part of the story together ...

... then everyone had a go at drawing and writing a different ending for the story. We kept our radishes handy so that we could draw them. 

Here is our book! Do drop by and have a read. 

And, of course we had to taste our radishes, too. They were pretty good, and a bit spicy!

Here we are having a radish picnic at lunchtime.

We plan to plant something else in our veggie pod now, and see if we can grow another crop before the weather gets too cold. Watch this space!

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