Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Developing questions for Inquiry


At Worser Bay School we use this inquiry model to help guide us through our inquiry learning. We work through each of the different phases of inquiry to develop questions and find out information to help us answer them.

This process usually begins with a provocation to stimulate thinking about a subject. In our case this term we looked a range of different toys and started thinking about what we could see.

From this thinking and wondering we refined these ideas into some questions that we wanted to know more about. At this stage we don't need to answer the questions. They will be used to help guide us in our learning. 

This is the Curious part of the inquiry. In this phase we are making sorting the things that we know from the things that we want to find out about. Using these questions we will move into the next phase of our Inquiry called Exploring.

We will take these questions and start researching in books, experimenting with materials, asking experts and generally finding out about toys. This phase is very hands on and will lead to some interesting discussions at home. We will be sending some ideas for inquiry chats you could have at home to give your learner a chance to share their ideas and learn a bit more from you and your whanau.

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